MacLeod Bio

Jon Walker MacLeod is a Seattle-based lawyer, photographer and writer. He enjoys reading, sailing, rowing and, most of all, traveling. 

I have had my passport stamped in more than 50 countries on six continents – Australia remains on my short list – including Hong Kong, China, Tibet, India, Pakistan, Japan, Thailand (between 1980 and 2000, I was North America General Counsel for Thai Airways International), Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Bosnia, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, most Western European countries, Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Antarctica, and in that way have become a citizen of the world.

My travels are waypoints, bright shining beacons, in my life. Although I am a relentless reader and every year devour two dozen books, along with the Atlantic, Economist, New Yorker, Guardian, Times of London, NYT and Washington Post, I have gained more insight, more wisdom, on my travels off the beaten path than in all my reading and formal education. The extraneous falls away, exposing kernels of clarity and understanding.

Crystal Sound – Antarctic Peninsula (2017)
Lemaire Channel – Antarctic Peninsula (2017)
Chobe – Botswana (1997)
Okavango Delta – Botswana (1997)
Erg Chebbi – Morocco (2018)
Green Line Wall – Palestine West Bank (2011)
Mostar, Bosnia (1993)
Plaza Vieja – Havana (2001)
Sólheimajökull Glacier – Iceland (2016)
Climb near La Paz (1995)
Khunjerab Pass – Pakistan (1986)
Potala Palace – Lhasa, Tibet (1986)
Dharamsala – Northern India (1991)